Everything  pictured on this page has been made by ordinary people who came for a weekend
course, not artists or professionals. You too can make something to be proud of!

You leave, at the end of the weekend, with stunning glass items, and a head full of skills and glass
And I make sure everyone gets the most out of the small group and the whole weekend.
There are bonuses; lots of laughter, loads of new ideas, connections made as well as the wealth of
information about glass!

Most participants are beginners, some people return to make a special project eg. a window for the house, a lampshade, a fused
Groups are small (usually 6 to 8 participants) to ensure you can work at your own speed, learning from each other throughout the
You will quickly find out how good coloured glass looks when the light shines though it; you’ll be surprised at what skills you
develop as your enthusiasm grows.

Scheduled Courses 2017  (course prices increase in 2017)                                              View Larger Map" target="
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Gift Voucher for Stained Glass Course €230  
Gift Voucher for Fusing Course  €250  

Fused Glass Weekends Sat/Sun €250.                                  
Learn about ; compatibility, slumping (melting into a mould), fibre paper indents, opaque/transparent colours, jewellery, dichroic
glass, pattern bars....and much more.
A weekend: time enough to get some small pieces into and out of the kiln, so you can marvel at the effects and get excited about
repeating the bits you like.
This course is about layering glass pieces and melting them together in the kiln and all the exciting ways you can do this. You
don't have to get hot!   Cost includes all materials.                     

Stained Glass  Weekend Sat/Sun  €230.                                                
The course begins with a demonstration of glass cutting, a key skill you will practice throughout the weekend.  You will learn the
copper foil or the leading (lead light) technique which you will use to make a small straight-line design, then a more complex one
and on the second day make a larger piece (a bit bigger than A4). Throughout the 2 days I will tell you about the different kinds of
glass there are, about other methods of manipulating glass and give you probably miles too much information! Materials included.
All finished pieces are yours!

If you'd like me to email every two months or so to tell you about courses fill the form in below.                                 

Courses available in 2017.                  

Fused Glass
Weekend Sat/Sun May 6/7th.                   

Stained Glass
Weekend Sat/Sun May 13/14th.

`(July courses cancelled.)                  

Fused Glass
Weekend Sat/Sun September 23/24th..                   

Stained Glass
Weekend Sat/Sun September 30/ 1st October.

Fused Glass
Weekend Sat/Sun Nov 11/12th.                   

Stained Glass
Weekend Sat/Sun Nov  18/19th

Booking is essential. Cancellation up to 4 wks before course, return of 100% of fee or another course, after that 50%
refund up to one week prior to the course when it then becomes nonrefundable (unless you find a replacement!). Fully
Email: hotblueglasshouse@yahoo.co.uk  Tel: (00353) 8779 81123  The Quay, Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland

Testimonial:  ‘Linda’s
patience and
knowledge of stained
glass made the three
days a very enjoyable
and stress-free
experience. By the end
of the course, we all
had made pieces that
we were very proud of
and Linda’s excellent
teaching skills ensured
that we left with the
necessary know how to
continue working with
stained glass’.  Pauline
Cahill, Galway
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